DIGITUS 900W A/PFC (80 Plus) Power Supply

DIGITUS 900W A/PFC (80 Plus) Power Supply
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Product Description

DIGITUS APED1050FCB+A/PFC+ROHS (900W) (13.5CM Ball bearing fan)

This power supply is designed for entry server computer systems.

There are five DC outputs: +5V, +12V, 12V, +3.3V & +5VSB and it will provide power to all

system components.


This model has 82% or greater energy efficient at 20%, 100% utilization, 85% or

greater efficiency at 50% utilization, meets innovative USA 80 PLUS Standard for

energy and money saving.

AC Inrush Current

The maximum inrush current of the power supply shall be 60A@110Vac and

120A@220Vac respectively (25? ambient temperature and cold start).

Features embedded

Remote On/Off Control

Rise Time

Overshoot TurnOn/TurnOff

Holdup Time

Power Good Signal

Protection Circuits

Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

Short Circuit Protection (SCP)

Over Power Protection (OPP)

DC Output

A. Maximum continuous total DC output power should not exceed 900W.

B. Maximum continuous load on the combined +12V outputs shall not exceed 66A

C. Peak total DC output power should not exceed 950W.

D. Peak power and current loading shall be supported for a minimum of 12 seconds.

E. Combined 3.3V and 5V power shall not exceed 170W.