DIGITUS 530W (80 PLUS) +A/PFC Power Supply

DIGITUS 530W (80 PLUS) +A/PFC Power Supply
Item# DDA-40211
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Product Description

ideal power for your PC and Entry Server

This power supply is designed forentry server computer systems. There are five DC outputs: +5V, +12V, 12V,

+3.3V & +5VSB and it will provide power to all system components.


This model has 80% or greater energy efficient at 20%, 50% and 100%utilization, meets innovative USA 80 PLUS Standard.

AC Inrush Current

The maximum inrush current of thepower supply shall be 60A@110Vac

and 120A@220Vac respectively (25? ambient temperature and cold start).

DC Output
A. Maximum continuous total DCoutput power should not exceed 530W.
B. Maximum continuous combined load on +3.3V and +5V outputs should not exceed 140W.
C. Maximum peak total DC output power should not exceed 600W.
D. Peak power and current loading shall be supported for a minimum of 12 second.
E. Maximum combined current for the 12V outputs shall be 41A.

Features embedded
Remote On/Off Control
Rise Time
Overshoot Turn‐On/Turn‐Off
Hold‐up Time
Power Good Signal
Protection Circuits
Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
Over Power Protection (OPP)