Cat8 Patch Cable

Cat8 Patch Cable

New Page 3 CAT8 Cable


CAT 8.1 S-FTP patch cord, copper, CMR Riser AWG 24/7, color grey

High-end network solution according to the CAT 8.1 standard

  • Reach a bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz
  • With Fire rated CMR cable jacket, often called “riser-rated cable,” is constructed to prevent fires from spreading floor to floor in vertical installations. It can be used when cables need to be run between floors through risers or vertical shafts.
  • AWG24 cu cord is thicker than AWG26,AWG28, which means durable and longer life
  • Transparent yellow coloured metal shielded connector for easy identification of Category 8.1 (2,000 MHz) 
  • Inner conductors: Copper (Cu) 
  • PoE++ compatible 

Sunnytech® Category 8.1 Class I patch cables are manufactured and tested according to the ISO/IEC 11801 and DIN EN 50173 CAT 8.1 standards. They guarantee that the cable installation complies with the ISO & EN channel specification and provide excellent performance in Sunnytech® CAT 8.1 cabling. Performance was tested up to 2,000 MHz, including performance characteristics such as near-end crosstalk (“NEXT”). Sunnytech® patch cables were specifically designed to fully meet all requirements in various application areas. Each cable is equipped with a moulded anti-kink sleeve with strain relief. In addition, the sleeve has a locking lever protection, which prevents kinking of the cables and breaking-off of the locking lever from the connector. Category 8.1 is simply identified by the Yellow colored connectors.

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