DIGITUS DC-48101 Intelligent Video/Audio Matrix 4x4

DIGITUS DC-48101 Intelligent Video/Audio Matrix 4x4
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Product Description

Intelligent Video Matrix 4x4, with audio, 4 x VGA+Audio Input 4 x VGA+Audio Output 350 MHz, 1920 x 1440 at 85 HZ

Through the video/audio matrix DC-48101, you can display / play different images / audio signals to 4 screens / speakers (or earphones) through 4 PC. And you can also control the source of image / audio by selecting PC signal source 1 ~ 4 or turning off source input. Video/Audio matrix is ideal for ,test bench facilities, data center, help desks, video broadcasting, presentation, stock quotes, timetables, educational facilities, etc.

Ideal for distributing video in classrooms, at exhibits, trade shows, demonstrations, and for multi-media presentations

  • Intelligent functionality
  • Can be cascaded
  • With 350 MHz pixel frequency, supports DDC, DDC2, DDC2B
  • Supports VGA, SVGA, UXGA, QXGA resolutions
  • Support Multi-Sync video type include RGBHV, RGsB, RGBS
  • Support synchronous Include positive, negative; TTL or 1Vpp level
  • Four sets of 7-Segment LED can indicate the input setting status of input port quickly
  • The output is compatible with standard VGA card
  • Extends the video signal up to 65 meter (213 feet)
  • The switches on panel can select PC signal source 1 ~ 4 as OUT 1 ~ 4 or turning off any signal I/O port / all I/O ports