A+ GPB Premium PCM-HSS168 Headset 3D w/Microphone

A+ GPB Premium PCM-HSS168 Headset 3D w/Microphone
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Product Description

A+GPB Premium PCM-HSS168 Subwoofer Headphone
Technical Specifications:
Frequency response:
104dB + 3
32Ohm + 15% KHz
Cord Length:
10 feet


These headphones appear to be constructed fairly well. We start off with the cups of the headphones which are silver and pink. The cups of the headphones are very nice as they are padded, so they don’t hurt your ears after wearing them for hours, like at LAN parties. The cups also swivel up and down a little, which allows it to adjust to the shape of any head. Now we move on to the microphone, the microphone extends approximately 6.5” from the cups. This microphone is also padded like in an attempt to remove background noise such as wind. As we move on to the top part of the headphone I notice there’s a nice feature for conforming the headphones to fit your head. This feature extends or pulls as the top of your head comes in contact with it which is a nice feature from the usual ones where u adjust the size of the headphones your self. As we move on to the controller of these headphones mounted on the wire of your headphones. This feature allows you to adjust the volume and to adjust the bass level (Off, 1, 2). These headphones run on 2 AAA batteries (included). There is also a little red LED that says subwoofer vibration which will light up when you have your bass on. There are 2 connectors for the headphones, a connector for your microphone and for your head phones. The microphone’s connector is a tangerine color whilst the other connector is a lime green color.