Sunnytech CAT7 RJ45 PLUG, Straight Body Type, 20 pack

Sunnytech CAT7 RJ45 PLUG, Straight Body Type, 20 pack
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Product Description

Sunnytech CAT7 Ethernet RJ45 Short body Plug

Sunnytech CAT7 RJ45 Short Body Plug w/o tail tie, Suitable CAT7 cable OD 7.0mm,  S/STP/S-FTP Solid/Stranded Lan Cable Use.

  • Meet ISO/IEC 11801: 8P8C, RJ45 (Solid Conductor)
  • Conductor: Material / Size Bare copper / 23AWG, conductor OD 0.57 mm,RJ45, 8P8C-F, STP 2 layer, body without tail tie, 1.4mm wire hole with cable clip, 2 piece, plug insertion force < 20N, Mating cycles > 2000 times. meet EIA-364-09 standard.
  • Insulation : Foam PE , Min. Avg. Thickness: 0.45 mm;Min. Thickness: 0.38 mm
  • Color Code: Pair 1: Blue & White, Pair 2: Orange & White, Pair 3: Green & White, Pair 4: Brown & White, Shield: Aluminum-mylar tape and Drain wire(tinned copper conductor), coverage 40% tinned copper braid Jacket: LSZH (low-smoke & non-halogen) Min. Avg. Thickness: 0.585 mm; Min. Thickness: 0.458 mm, Approximate cable O.D.: 7.0 mm +/- 0.3mm
  • Electric: Characteristic Impedance(Zo): 85~115Ω (1~600 MHz), DC. Resistance Capacitance Unbalance: 2% Pair-to-Ground Capacitance Unbalance: 330 pF/100M Max Conductor Resistance: 7.32Ω/ 100M 20℃ Max Mutual Capacitance: 5600 pF/100m Max Spark Test: 2.5KV.
  • Electrical character: Plug Connector contact resistance test well below 20mΩ meet EIA-364-38 standard. Adjacent plug pin Insulation resistance test on 500V DC, resistance test larger than 1000mΩ, meet EIA-364-23 standard. Plug Withstand Voltage test on 1000V AC meet EIA-364-21 standard. Other mechanical insertion and retention test meet EIA-364-13 standard.
  • Meet ISO/IEC 11801: (Solid Conductor)23AWG, 1200MHz support, RoHS Compliant.
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